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Hi Everyone! For those of you who do not know me, I'm Emily! I'm a wife to my loving, supporting and wonderful husband Jason. We are parents of a very sweet little girl and her name is Lily. She has lots of energy and a love for animals. She loves her dinosaurs and the outdoors. My husband Jason is self-employed just like me. He has a landscaping business, Grass Buster. WWW.GRASSBUSTERLAWNSERVICE.COM is his website. We are a self-employed family and Lily tells us that she wants to mow peoples grass just like her daddy. That's probably because I take too many photos of her, but I can't help it she's just too cute! Who knows perhaps someday she will change her mind. Whatever she wants to be as long as she finds a career that she LOVES just like we do, that is all that matters. 

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I LOVE my career. Yes, it's a job. It's work. There's not only showing up and capturing the photos but then the editing process of hundreds of photos that I take. Not to mention the hours spent on social media posting and advertising my business, oh and my husband as well. Whatever works, right? When it comes down to it though, PHOTOGRAPHY is just something that I truly LOVE doing and it really never is WORK. When I'm shooting a portrait session or a wedding, I'm excited and I get anxious! Which explains why I'm always early, sometimes too early! I can't wait to explore new places, meet new people and capture the photos that I am going to take. Therefore, I turned my PASSION for taking photos into my very own photography business a career that I LOVE and VERY PASSIONATE about! Emily's Enchanted Images Professional Photography. (since 2007)

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Don't worry I always save time to relax a little and spend time with my wonderful family. I really love the OUTDOORS! No matter the weather. I love to hike in the woods. It's fun looking around for antler sheds or finding salamanders under the rocks. I love to go Fishing and I also enjoy hunting. I love to swim in the summer and go water skiing when we go boating.  I LOVE being ACTIVE. In the winter I'm a big kid who enjoys sled riding and snowmobiling whenever we do get snow. It seems that snow is rare these days in Western Pennsylvania. So I enjoy it when it comes. 


I love ANIMALS. I grew up around horses. My parents raise golden retrievers so I got to play with puppies a lot growing up and that was always fun. The hubby and I recently got some quail to raise so we can have our own eggs. They are lots of fun and frisky little birds. Their eggs are tiny but super delicious. It takes about 3 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg, did you know that? I'm looking forward to hatching the eggs too, that should be fun, having little baby birds around. They are going to be so tiny!   



What photos are you interested in getting taken? Send me a message I'd love to take your photos! I'm always taking photos and sometimes too many! You can never have enough photos right? I have a bit of a sunset obsession and love taking nature/landscape photos. Therefore, I turned my PASSION for taking photos into my very own photography business a career that I LOVE and VERY PASSIONATE about!

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Take a look at my nature/landscape/sunset/and more  photography copy/paste the link.



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