“What does all day coverage include?” Engaged couples ask me often. I hope that this blog will answer that question for those seeking a professional wedding photographer to capture their wedding day. 

All day coverage means, that you will have me for your entire wedding day. I’m booked for the day. I have no other weddings or portrait sessions booked and or other obligations. All weddings are sealed with a contract and booked for the day. Not the hour, but full day. That day, is just the bride and grooms wedding that I’m 100 percent focused on and nothing else.



I always like coming early. Arriving early gives me the chance to scope around the venue and take notes for the best backgrounds, for the best shots! 

I tend to arrive about two hours prior to the ceremony (sometimes earlier) to get getting ready photos and all the fine detail shots and those include just for a few examples…the wedding dress and the shoes and wedding jewelry and decorations. Other photos include…bride and groom with bridal party getting ready photos. 

The ceremony. Always so romantic and beautiful. “What photos will I take at the ceremony?” How about a few photos of the guests? Don’t forget about the details and set up of the ceremony of course. The expression on the grooms face, seeing his beautiful bride for the first time walking down the aisle to meet him at the alter in that stunning gown. Photos of the romantic vows and exchange of the rings, till the kiss and celebration of the just announced, Mr. and Mrs. I just LOVE weddings!

Family photos. Bridal party photos. Bride and groom photos. These are my most favorite and where I get to REALLY use my creative and unique photo ideas. It’s my favorite part of the wedding day. I can’t stress it enough, if you want a lot of family and bridal party photos make sure to leave enough time to allow the organizing of family photos and fun bridal party photos to happen. I recommend about one and a half hours minimum. However no worries I always sneak the bride and groom out during the evening to grab a few extra photos. I love LOVE photos and bride and grooms get A LOT of photos from their wedding day. 

The reception and YES I stay till the END! I'll be getting photos of all the highlights during the evening such as…the toast, the cake cutting, first and special dances. The MONEY DANCE known as the traditional BRIDAL DANCE. (a Pennsylvania tradition), bouquet and garter toss and and much more including fine details like, the Pennsylvania famous cookie table! I’m there getting it all.

I love snapping candid photos of the wedding guests at their tables. I’m always wondering around the reception catching all the highlights and dancing and always lots of candid photos. Did I miss any of the guests? Probably not I bet they will be in one of my photos. If I get the opportunity and the right set up, there's my FAMOUS SIGNATURE, "Heart Photo" that includes ALL the GUESTS! Have you seen it? It's pretty awesome!  

What does all day coverage mean? Well it basically gets summed to...I’m there from beginning to the end of the day, photographing everything and I mean EVERYTHING and in result bride and grooms get lots and LOTS of photos which they can digitally download roughly about two weeks of the editing process from their wedding day. I can't wait to capture your WEDDING DAY! 


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