How many photographers do I shoot with at a wedding? That is one of the questions that couples do ask when they inquire about my wedding photo packages.

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LIKE many couples that have asked me different questions I know that they will search for questions that you should ask a professional WEDDING photographer when they are looking for one to capture their special day. These question ideas are more likely found on PINTEREST or searching GOOGLE. Within my blog you will find a lot of your questions answered in thorough detail instead of just a basic quick answer.  

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The answer that I will tell you is… it is just ME and ME alone NO other PHOTOGRAPHER or SECOND shooter that will be taking pictures of your wedding day. When I’M your wedding photographer you will have the outcome of a couple hundred pictures and the second shooter is just unnecessary. ITS JUST ME! EMILY taking your wedding pictures! The best part… you won’t have to decide which pictures you want to keep because you are able to download ALL of your PICTURES that will be on your online gallery available to download onto any of your devices. I do give you the FULL rights along with a print release to ALL your wedding pictures. How awesome is that?

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WHY do you ask, is it just me, taking your wedding pictures? Why don’t I have another shooter? One of my reasons is that I am VERY particular in not only what CAMERA is being used but also how the shots are taken and what pictures that second shooter is getting. I’m picky on how the pictures need to be shot in, such as should it be a landscape or portrait positioned picture? Then there is the posing and how to pose or where to pose and what position should the photographer be in to get that particular picture. I'm picky, I know but hey that just means I know what I pictures I need to take to make every bride and groom happy with ALL of their wedding pictures.

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If someone else is taking pictures at the wedding with me I would be that photographer that would worry all too much and that to me would be very distracting and also slow me down in a sense. I would wonder are they getting what I want them to get? Are they taking enough pictures? Most importantly are they going to get in my way of my shot? 

I like to BLEND in with the wedding guests and not be a distraction and in a dark room or dark barn and or church one flash is ok but then when you have two flashes going off, well that’s not very good now is it? It would create too much of a distraction ESPECIALLY in a micro wedding. Another BIG reason is that they could effect each others shots and lighting and they would be a distraction in my opinion to where the guests attention should be is up at the alter where the bride and groom are saying their romantic vows and being bounded as one. 
In my VERY HONEST opinion another photographer is VERY unnecessary and if you take a look at some of my featured weddings in my wedding galleries you would get the idea of how many photos are roughly given and if you ask me the question how many photos will I get? I can only say A LOT and not a specific number. I always seem to get this compliment, “so many photos at such a great price.” Don't forget if you want to have a second shooter for whatever your preference it's just going to add onto the cost of the already cost for one wedding photographer. Two photographers EQUAL more money. 


If you’re still not sure on the idea of just one photographer let me put it to you this way. I could only imagine two hairstylists trying to style an updo on a bride at the same time. What would happen? Well they would definitely get in each others way. Nothing would get accomplished and only lead to arguments and a mess. Don’t you agree? The same would be for a photographer. Yes I know many do have second shooters and that is totally their own opinions a how they go about shooting wedding(s) and the preference of the bride and groom of course.

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However, with me, as the ONLY PHOTOGRAPHER taking your wedding pictures, (15+ years of experience with weddings) you won't have distractions, it'll cost you much less, and you will have so many pictures including examples such as...ALL the finest details and all the highlights and candid, posed photos and events that happen through out your special day and much much more. So many of you might wonder how in the world did Emily take all these amazing pictures and be the only photographer there on my wedding day? Well, I'm just that good. Picture the magic with EMILY'S ENCHANTED IMAGES PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY.


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