I’m sure you have already browsed down through my PHOTO PACKAGES that are listed under my about/packages/reviews drop down menu located on my HOME PAGE? Those are a few popular photo packages that I get the most inquiries about. So I am going to write this small blog letting you know that I offer so much more than just the few basic packages. 

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Did you know that offer other photos packages? Not just weddings/engagements, seniors, families, newborns, special events but other photos as well? I’m a Professional Photographer, of course I have so many more photo packages to offer.

wedding pic blogwedding pic blog

I’ll keep this a SIMPLE BLOG. I LOVE photography. I know, I know, I can’t express it enough, but I TRULY do. Capturing people, landscapes and special moments. I REALLY enjoy looking into the lens of my camera and snapping all those beautiful images and then seeing the outcome of them. I absolutely love GIVING MY PHOTOS to someone that will cherish them forever. THANKS to the all the wonderful clients that have hired me to take their photos and its because of them and all the future clients wanting photos that I get to do what LOVE DOING MOST! PHOTOGRAPHY!


Everyday I get a different photo inquiry. Do you take TWO YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY photos? Yes I can certainly take those. Do you take COUPLE photos? Yes, YES. I know you take SENIOR photos but what about PROM and CAP and GOWN photos? Well duh, of course I do! Would you take a few photos for my business? I’d love to. You name it, I’ll more than likely say YES!

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SPECIAL EVENTS can include just to name a few..birthday parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation parties, family reunions, and much MUCH MORE!


Let us not FORGET about our FURY FRIENDS either. Would be a shame not to get pictures of them. I LOVE animals. I grew up around them so they were always a subject for me to photograph. I love photographing pets better yet, I really love capturing fury pets with their humans. Who wouldn’t want a photograph of their fury best buddy? I know I take lots of photos of my quails. Those silly birds. 

IMG_6560IMG_6560 DSC_2088DSC_2088

In conclusion, if you are interested in getting photos taken and your photo package is NOT LISTED on the photo packages section, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and ask if I take the photos your are inquiring about. I can’t wait to take your photos! I LOVE MY JOB! 

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