I often get asked the would I describe my photography style? This is definitely a GREAT subject to blog about.


PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE? It took some time thinking about. Not to mention lots of browsing through many of my wedding photos to be able to give a straight forward answer to this particular and popular question. I would have to say that my photography style is best describe as…TRADITIONAL and I have to add CREATIVE.


WHEN taking WEDDING photos, I am that photographer that will POSE families and bridal parties to take their pictures. These are photographs that will stay in a picture frame years from now, that is sitting on a shelf or hanging on the wall in the home and also will be in a wedding album. Although this might seem to someone as a very simple photo but that photo will still be popular even after years have passed. I do often tend to branch out some from my TRADITIONAL style in shooting weddings and I create my own unique poses leaning towards my CREATIVE side that I love to shoot in as well.


TRADITIONAL and CREATIVE that is Emily’s Enchanted Images Photography STYLE!







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