FAMILY PHOTOS ARE THE BEST!  I’ve always taken my family’s family photos whenever we got together for the holidays, birthday parties, and taking the boat out, and family vacations, etc.  I LOVE meeting and capturing new families and the ones that come back to me as their kid(s) grow up.  Family photos, there are so many photos that I can take.



My family photo sessions run about one hour, sometimes over just depends on how many family members are in that family photo session. If we go over, that is okay and I do not charge for going over that extra time. It just means we are having FUN taking photos. My FAMILY photo sessions will included digital download and a print release giving you full rights to your professionally edited photos. Turn around time usually takes about one week to two weeks for the editing process. 


DID you know that I also have a MINI PRINT SHOP? I have different print sizes available and other goodies that you can purchase directly from the website that I give you, which is where you download your photos and purchase prints. The prints are very reasonably priced and they ship directly to your home. How AWESOME is that? 


 OUTDOOR photos are what I prefer for family photos. There is much more room and thousands of different natural backgrounds to choose from. I’m certainly not opposed to indoor family photo sessions, however pricing will be different and there is a local barn in the area that I use when indoor is requested.


Duman Lake County Park or other wise known as Dumans, is the perfect place for family photos and where I tend to take other portraits. Yes, I can come to your preferred location (could be extra depending upon where the preferred location is). I love using the natural lighting and natural backgrounds that the outdoors provides me. DUMANS has it all, a lake, a field, a woods, wooden bridges…oh don’t forget the train track and how about that beautiful lake?  Sometimes when its winter and the lake has the right amount of inches of ice on it, it makes a really unique picture standing out on the ice.  How often do you get to do that? 


When it comes to families, not only do I take multiple posed photos of everyone in the family, I also will take different combinations…example lets say there is a family of four.  I’ll take photos of the parents and the kids. Then some of the mom with the kids, and dad with the kids and then individual portraits of the kids, etc. I’m sure you’re catching on? There is NO extra charge to bring family PETS along and have them in the photos with you. PETS are a part of the family after all! Sometimes I even get individual photos of the pets…if I’m lucky.


Lots and lots of photos. I love photos, who doesn’t? If its a good photo then you will get it. I can never tell you how many photos you will get, just know it will be lots of AWESOME photos! Family portrait sessions, like I always say… the goal out of all my sessions is to have personalities brought out in the photographs, capturing natural looking poses and in return giving photos that people love. 



NOW, who wants their FAMILY photos taken? Send me a message to find out more information!




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